Monday, October 31, 2011

Battlefield 3 default key bindings

Since it seems unusually hard to find/google the default keybindings for the new Battlefield 3 title that I've been playing the last couple of days, I've decided to quickly make my own list, shared here for your convenience. I'll expand and update over the next couple of days.

from beta sceenshot
Name Keyboard Mouse Joystick
Walk Forward W
Axis 0 Y
Walk Backward S
Axis 0 Y
Strafe Right D
Axis 0 X
Strafe Left A
Axis 0 X
Look Up
Axis 0 Y Axis 1 Y
Look Down
Axis 0 Y Axis 1 Y
Look Left
Axis 0 X Axis 1 X
Look Right
Axis 0 X Axis 1 X
R Down
Parachute SPACE
R Down
Sprint (hold) L SHIFT
L Thumb
Steady Scope L SHIFT
L Thumb
Crouch (hold) L CTRL

Crouch (toggle) X

Prone Z

Crouch/Prone (hold)

R Thumb
Spot/Communication Q
LMB R Trigger
RMB L Trigger
Reload R
R Left
Select Primary Weapon 1

Select Secondary Weapon 2

Switch to Static Gadget 3

Select Gadget 1 3

Select Gadget 2 4

Select Grenade 5

Select Knife 6

Melee Attack F
R Trigger 2
Throw Grenade G
L Trigger 2
Cycle Firemode V
L Down
Toggle Weapon Light T
L Up
Toggle Primary Weapon

R Up
Toggle Underslung Weapon

L Left
Toggle Gadget 1

L Left
Toggle Gadget 2

L Right
Interact E
R Right
Change Vehicle E
R Right
Cycle Vehicle Seat

R Down
Vehicle Seat 1 F1

Vehicle Seat 2 F2

Vehicle Seat 3 F3

Vehicle Seat 4 F4

Vehicle Seat 5 F5

Vehicle Seat 6 F6

Vehicle Seat 7 F7

Vehicle Seat 8 F8

Vehicle IR smoke* X

Change View**

Chat All J

Chat Team K

Chat Squad L

* when unlocked and equipped - probably for all abilitys in that equipment slot - further testing required
** very usefull while in a jet to scan the sky for the enemy, or while in a tank to check your immediate surroundings.

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